The company 'BomBeton' from Cetinje was established by two civil engeeniers, Vujović Nebojša, as a executive director, and Đukanović Nebojša, as a technical director in 1992. .

The company works as a engenieering including architects and engeeniers of different profiles. It's set in Cetinje, and the offices are in the capital, Podgorica.

'BomBeton' also includes inner decorations exhibit-purchase section by Italian company 'Oikos'.


The company includes civil engeeniers, architects, electrical engeenier, mechanical engeenier, as few construction technicians etc.

Depending on the working capacities and contracted jobs the company uses qualified manpower on part time, as well as the services of companies specialized in certain kinds of field works.

Construction Equipment

As far as the equipment is concerned, the company possesses trucks, tippers, concrete mixer, vans, compressors, cranes, scaffolds, props, formwork and numerous other construction equipment.


From the time of its establishing, 'BomBeton' have been successfully performing at the civil engeeniering market in Montenegro, which is well documented at the references page of the website.